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I work for the courts, business and private clients. I have experience in criminal, civil and family court proceedings, as well as mediations and examinations for discovery. Besides legal interpretation, I have assisted in business, academic and health care settings. I am available for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, both in person and remotely.

Which type of interpretation?


Simultaneous interpretation means the interpreter translates while the speaker talks. For presentations to larger groups, listeners will hear the interpreter through headsets. For a single individual, the interpretation can be whispered in their ear. 


With consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens and takes notes, then interprets the speakers words when there is a pause. Consecutive interpretation is often used during witness examinations and business meetings.

Remote interpretation

Remote interpretation is done either by video, using the platform of your choice, or by phone. Generally performed consecutively, though some platforms allow for multiple channels, making remote simultaneous interpretation possible.

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